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Places I've Lived: Google Earth Scavenger Hunt

  1. Approximately how far is Recife from Itacuruba in Brazil in kilometers? (Hint: Use ruler from the menu bar.)
  2. What is the population of Porto Alegre, Brazil?
  3. What river runs through Waco, Texas, home of Baylor University?
  4. In what part of Brazil is Itacuruba located? (N, E, W, NE, NW, S, SW, SE)
  5. Salvador is located along what ocean?
  6. Approximately how far is Aracaju from Salvador? 
  7. What is the capital of Brazil?
  8. What reminder of freedom resides in Philadelphia, PA?
  9. What college is located in Grand Junction, CO?
  10. Across what city is El Paso Community College located along the border?
  11. What famous Anasazi ruins exist close to Cortez, CO?

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