Open Learning through Integration and Community

Your pathway to free and open content to serve adult students and those who serve them!

This site is devoted to promoting exchanges of open educational resources to support instruction for adult learners, especially those who are in the process of honing their skills to either enter college or to succeed in the workplace.

We welcome teaching and learning activities of different kinds that appeal to a variety of interests and learning preferences of adults, especially those in ABE, high-school equivalency (HSE), and ESL/ESOL or equivalent programs throughout the world. In that regard, we are committed to supporting instruction that is differentiated to fit the needs of older youth and adults who represent diverse populations with a variety of backgrounds, experiences, and educational levels.

We encourage content that implements College and Career Readiness Standards (CCRS). We especially promote the delivery of project-based instruction that focuses on solving real-world problems while encouraging related practice of academic skills.

Our motto, Open Learning through Integration and Community, represents our mission: to serve adults by offering instruction in safe, hybrid (online and face-to-face) or other types of learning "communities" that invite creativity, humor, gaming, experimentation, and constant growth. We strongly support the use of wise technology to engage learners in independent practice of skills.

To submit activities to be considered for publication on this site, contact us with an attachment of our work or a reference as to where it might be accessed. Be aware than anything you submit will be shared as open educational content, under a Creative Commons license of your choice. For a review of those licenses go to https://quizlet.com/65193538/oer-training-flash-cards/.

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