Renting an Apartment or House

Samba Group Project Working Description
EDU134 - Teaching ESL to Adults: A course leading to Colorado’s ABEA Certification
Red Rocks Community College, Spring 2016 (Leecy Wise, Instructor)
BY David Henderson and Sarah A. Folzenlogen


I. Activity Topic (A Life Skills Goal) - Rent an apartment or house.

II. Description of the student population to be addressed with levels defined. (High Intermediate)

Class of 15 adult students at the High Beginning to Low Intermediate language level. Student population is roughly evenly split male/female and from diverse cultural backgrounds with 10 of the students coming from Hispanic cultures; 2 students represent the Iraqi culture; 2 students represent Bhutan; 1 student comes from China.

III. Reading and Writing skills that you will integrate into the activity.

  1. Students will work on their reading comprehension by reading and discussing sample rental ads, as well as a rental case study.
  2. Student will learn and apply new vocabulary words by completing a rental application, as well as writing a sample dialogue between a potential renter and landlord.
  3. Students will practice writing paragraphs by journaling about their previous rental experiences.
  4. Students will practice reviewing sentence structure and grammar by correcting each other's sentences from their writing samples.

IV. Description of at least two reading and writing activities taken from course resources.

1.  Reading:   (Discussion of Pre-existing Knowledge and Reading Tips to Improve Conversational Skills)

2. Writing:  (Completing a rental application and renter’s agreement) - Students work together to complete a sample rental application.

3. Reading:

 Writing: Students will journal about their previous experience looking for a place to live and/or dealing with the hassles of renting a place to live. They will choose sentences from their journaling to write on the board and help each other correct them as a group, focusing on sentence structure and grammar.


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